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is due to that system to lack of oversight at the end it's the activities undertaken at the seats. i don't like. this is tapping into anyone's private finance. it's quite different. to listen to the cbd. monster that was conducted jointly with britain's gc excuse to be in that spirit of the progress reports the ems hundred and eighteen one million records in one week since the two day operation and in the espionage experts say is based on secret and state documents least one bullet to try to attend whistleblower it would snow again. i the refuse. and more. and. cz the topic thus the eye the love. but don't. it is i love. the moment. at. merit essential intelligence agency may be well known around the world. however its activities on knots. so when in two thousand and seven it was revealed they had been interrogated subjects in the eu territory. there was an outcry from europeans terror suspects for flown by the caa with the help of european countries and held for questioning in secret detention centers around europe. now the european parliament has bowed to the new resolution through to
're doing. level i could do with itself. so if you don't see the question about anybody the sunni party of regions in the teeth without success amy's mother janice also said it was like the singer with a pool of. they please ubs ag. a galaxy of stars attended the event to support the charity. back to black music producer and dj mark ronson former mrs mick jagger and monetary home and british pop star pixie lott were just some of the big names tennis courts the evening ended with a performance by ads consequently singer boy george. the foundation recently launched adjust the tension that grandkids twenty schools across england and they have to be in fifty by the end of the academic year. i'm cindy martin st and one. london is on . zz you the answer to the rain ice and snow impacted on some holiday travel plans on the east coast as millions of americans took to planes trains and automobiles to make their ways home for thanksgiving. although the fee and widespread gridlock did not happen. in washington at the southern end of the east coast railroad system. their only minor delays due mostl
and vibrant jewish community fifty years from now till the narratives are changing which is what we don't have to build a jewish country anymore it's built. so we have to figure out new narrative for the younger generation that's as this is how we're going to sustain ourselves with the vibrancy in america narrative. they basically promotes independence the strong american independence. first the collective that we are to jewish people. european amendment to the human and that the team with a group of delegates from twenty european countries who discovered that the issues of the in europe on not very different from the ones in the us the question of the security officer. one cents on the community said o'neill was because they don't connect it's one thing that came out of this the answer was that we don't want excitement he would be interviewed and the usa you a bit of the killing of a new one. so the issue was opened to the dissemination and to semitism and security debate centers on important on a bus and this is cool or what so disgusting. when israeli consul general in los angeles you to kn
to have loosened its european countries to help people in difficulty. don't encourage them to emigrate. btw the country are believes knitting of mini and syrian christians of being displaced or in the fifty two month long conflict for the thousands of women are refugees in neighboring lebanon but the one thousand christians are said to be killed in places such as belinda a historic christian town where what's the aramaic the language of jesus is still spoken. hardline islamist militants sought to sell mr a group of toys that organization by the typhoon such attacks on christian churches clinton businesses across the country lot of efforts to impose sharia caliphate in the middle east and study. serious christians make up ten percent of the country's population of one of the oldest such communities in the world despite the efforts of its provinces and gentle but under the moscow few other worldly business but now it's in support for persecuted christian minority. he chips in on me just clear the protesters out of my rose tahrir square with tear gas and steal the square off with armored
on concerning safety cannot be based on trust i don't think this agreement can be based on trust. tehran's track record its best behavior in the nuclear field. has not bn unblemished night they have been violated a number of the obligations so you can't. you can basis contrast you have to base it on strong monitoring mission strong verification measures the interim agreement provides for unprecedented verification measures. key us allies middle east israel and saudi media continued to strongly oppose the term to deal with twelve cars hope to establish a permanent one in the following months the consequences of a permanent deal can be very significant role in the prospects of a wider middle east war . israel's air force has been holding drills in collaboration with us greek and italian minute revive the desert in southern israel in exercises designed to demonstrate and improve operational capabilities the flag exercise the festive it's going to israel's history has been on the table five that he and the israeli air force has conducted two training flights a day during the last six months in antic
films can be and not just in case you don't think you can see anyway that kind of things on top of the dorms the stadium on the penalty new ones. i am. it states on its own way all of them bringing them to a market which in the last of the few with you. and to see them closing the festival on the high notes will be the feel good musical comedy cupcakes were a group of friends surprisingly find themselves in the eurovision song contest. more than twenty countries up participating in this year's events which twenty thousand people expected to attend the uk jewish film festival and is on november seventeen ict much interest and one in london . that summer spears into government protests turkish prime minister eighteen per cent. gone is open to new front in the country's growing debate religious interference by declaring in a speech to the male and female university students should not be making joint accommodation. i did on said the gunman had already sat down next accommodation and seventy five percent of the ground student dormitories and we continued to do so. a recent announcem
of the tax was successfully intercepted by israel's much more to missile defense system the line don't prime minister benjamin netanyahu this week hailed eighteen ninety eight percent decrease in rocket attacks from gaza saying israel had achieved the deterrence objectives during the twenty twelve offensive. israeli officials say the island and defense system intercepted at least eighty five percent of the repeats the endangered israeli towns during the conflict. fourteen is continuing work to syria with online classes to kids and its ripples and forces loyal to president johnson in the cities of damascus. in all seriousness minute intervals to catch the cats to see all my plans for when it on this region. in the midst of the conflict a ukrainian front straight to video which shows missile strike on a helicopter in syria in eclipse series local produce grapes as they struck a government open with a rope to stop suspended as the helicopters to live on an investment and it is from them and to see it ethical to engine company retreats notice a check up only to see it is great. these upper austr
that can't or don't tell has already dismissed the authority of any decisions yet to meet the american indian troops have been in afghanistan for twelve years. on nine eleven attacks and gone. czar . i am the routine use on him more in need. cheat. we do the laws of lafayette laws do not go with all the time so was i not let me know what it's all good judge of that more often it's a tough day the eye. a side car bombings killed least eleven and lead to thirty seven soldiers to egypt turbulent region of northern sinai in one of the deadliest attacks in solitude and sprite militants stepped up violence following the overthrow of business because in mohamad morrissey suicide bombers stock two buses traveling and read between the fall and ella reese. the soldiers which were on their way to cairo belong to the army that tie against islamic militants lead to an insurgency against security forces in the sinai even though no one claimed responsibility for the blast is on the clintons have kept up attacks in the desert consumer. attila hundred security forces soldiers killed in the night since
be expected to do the right call refugee problems don't just torn province of interest to resolve problem is really a nice natural problem the majority of syrian seeking seeking to and do their best to integrate into two and students seeking a sense of normalcy. as the war continues across the border mrs died out or forge and one in jordan i the recently my chore to pull says to skillet and declaring an ambitious new tree company and the idea that it might mean rivalry tight terror train was continuing to carry out attacks against foreign forces and government workers it is his fourteenth season runs from march to like top tied a school run to six thousand six hundred separate insurgent attacks in thirty up to thirty four sq m province is the spirit was a key text for the outcome forces who suffered major losses of coalition forces often numbers two and the last twelve months the gunners her in my inner concentrating on training mentoring the afghan security forces are holding their own during this fighting season has been brought before style and though i think it's at the end the day wi
was that down. don't like us there. normal people. the tv that he's trying very hard and annie's sticks colds and nom. the good feelings the one to one xd one of finding a soulmate the one to find that the wind. i was amazed. those young people so serious so on so mature so i promise that i am in and unfocused about their admission is your next break in has other benefits because it lets you understand. who is a compatible person for you to see some paper and then if you fall in love that's like an extra bonus you know like your grandmother's use its allies to have to peek into someone who will be compatible and only use your heart. so that's what they're trying to do. yes but on this the matchmaker on the shoe she wasn't afraid to expose the hidden world of orthodox jewish matchmaking on reality tv. i'm not afraid to admit i do the same because and i know that most think it's from god and believe me making it to me it sounds so reasonable. i went to this great snack or everybody wants me that i would have new and need news lately and really knowing me. we went to work out that the film ended
. they don't. it is. to do the water the eye. and. it's etched its lead to the so called top that silly cats the national front which is considered to be a pain to the plants are probably going to be said but it seems to really see what season of riot if i'm trying to paint over mindset of the nineteen nineties but still had to come to per that's older than he's been a busy crowded scene and it seemed that barry fry it in french the condition is today being used by the central government to liberalize the nation and its content integration investment policies and their parents dental and vision are going to launc the one thing that will constitute those on the minds of the nasty fights just trying to present itself in one. which in two thousand it is still nice to not been halted. on the pavements of food. and insist on national conference in which challenges the french national team. it's based on reaching his predicament and discrimination. i still get on skype. the station is excited to play on the racist image of the national front the car seat into the bishop of the psalm nine ten but n
with you don't see any condiment we'll be on healing the ot maybe if i stayed the night underneath the knights. a top notch. east of rest. data must be. the team. i'm sorry it received its stock price wall is world renown for advocating education and women's rights after being shot in the head of the taliban because of her and took objection to the interpretation of islam seeks to amend at home and then skulls from attending school. in her beloved pakistani and activists to see the skepticism and resentment after the publication of her but i am a mom of many accuse her of being the two of the west and avoid mentioning her name out of fear of the band's attacks the taliban the pakistani city should continue to have banned the book and private schools across the country leaving the disrespect the song the second best selling it up online bookstore amazon dot com . every year thousands of jewish teens trouble from north america to israel in poland's to learn about the holocaust but what's the impact of these trips have on students and jewish identity is a new scientific study focuses
upside is that they don't. coincidentally this month a new report was published in argentina taking a close look of antisemitism in the country. it's a scene no one expected to witness representatives of all religions gathered in the metropolitan cathedral last week to commemorate the new one diversity of the night of broken glass. a group of ultra conservative catholics interrupted the ceremony. approximately fifty protesters started praying the rosary of flour to prevent the ceremony from happening. meanwhile the two leaders of the group ended leaflets saying that the worshippers of false gods should leave the holy temple crystal meth is considered to be the moment when you started being persecuted in germany. for its commemoration of the arch in st catholic church had invited members of the jewish community to attend and perform in inter religious ceremony. despite what he considers the shocking events the director of the simon's eyes until center in buenos aires prefers to underline the reaction of the cathedrals officials off to the protest is where evacuated by the police the
before sunset. i don't have to do. who doesn't. the eu being alone. the little one he he. a whole. for us to the heat to say and very symbolic dale's afraid of their jewish people. and all the jewish people who are united around the world like being gay is a fan of the op and displays is the heart of the jewish people and even though this quarter. once all the people of israel during this country and all over the world with the happy hanukkah. it's called the speeches is a little bit like the hell's a lot of snow world. it's possible to enlighten the world the concrete conditions of lht of hope and fth. even if we are few but we can win over the many. they will not get a cup of this. as in most serious holidays on the cake tin with their invaluable lessons to be learned from the ancient your story. when i see two kinds of hanukkah the day we had another kind this teaches us tohe tune to duties in most of the progress keep them going to be satisfied that what you did yesterday. and oh so lucky to light the candles on the window. outside of an incident outside it as dusk settles to be jewis
't use them can be and not just in case you don't think you can see anyway that kind of things on top of the dorms the stadium on the palestinian ones. i am eight states on its own way off of them bringing them to a market which in the last of the few with you the antecedent. closing the festival on the high notes will be the theater musical comedy cupcakes were a group of friends surprisingly find themselves in the eurovision song contest. more than twenty countries of participating in this year's events for twenty thousand people expected to attend the uk jewish film festival and zune november seventeen. i saved it might interest and one in london the then i saw the need for allegedly preparing for possible future threat from iran are investing in pakistani nuclear weapons projects creature of touring british newspaper the daily telegraph the kingdom aside on countering iran atomic program is unconfirmed reports of pakistan army having delivered more mild ballistic missives about the warheads. the report suggests that the oil rich kingdom has the ability to deploy your weapons and m
is to hear jacob who don't seek today didn't get the basic issue is the very basics it's an authentic as an incentive. defiance against all days to play systems diplomats and on to the same with her creepy know that the national projects each with each team they opened for national side up the victory of the national front man michael byelection of thing you know in style it's really hard seasons coming soon. to get to spend her rights groups and no one said anthony who exchange rates. the intent is considered to them it's antisemitic lead to new solutions a week and that are used to be scapegoats and times of crisis. today was good though some of his new book instilled in me and him the race to the national front for the cup this season trying to coax fear stems from the population disappointments into that still sees the situation request by the economic crisis. and for the facilities where you had the economy crisis. to which soon and even the nazis to develop themselves and conquer. most post of the opinion. we do move. that's what we see today. he's nuts imminent. no sooner than
it so i don't like to throw at him. that's why we've got a tremendous number of stands to show you some of the ways you can do that. the ex based sauce provided information on splitting the anti taxation buying property in its care while many people integrate successfully months in a scene from the idea told risky. attach the church in touch and why some people can come to town. place the unlawful under them and find it very difficult team to carry into western society that comes from said parts of ethiopia was completely different lifestyle. alas the problems of them is the integration and with the higher numbers of immigration into easter island recently is about schools the high numbers of children at risk in the end he was so excited to find people considering buying property in its path and the great it's actually do it again. encourage people to consider the options that at the moment. it is the finances will. sometimes when you win you win you fine folks in this moment in profits a bill sinking of the uk times can you afford the pub still not clear to this translates will license
hernandez. a nice family. complex. united states of america. this toy don't hear this month when a mob of hiring an artistic scene he wanted to kayla's tx i forgot to send a note to my to draw a full on shot his wife to an outdoor security checkpoints dsp on the slow dances politician to suspect was twenty three year old called cmc remains in hospital after being fired on by police at the same. joel ring the sermon a fernandez his wife was presented with an american flag. i'd like is performed on and on the court in moscow friends colleagues and other dignitaries remembered the sly in itunes in cultivation in afghanistan on the nest reportedly reached record levels according to a report from united nations is his office was up thirty six percent compared to last year with an additional two hundred thousand hectares of lands on to put the property. not choke the royce has occurred in helmand province which is turn a controlled by british led forces which tipping point he also taught about militant insurgency ironically one of the topics that rips ostrich use opium production british nat
knew the routine. she and more. but then the day. shh shh shh shh shh shh shh shh i don't know. the bible bobby. greg they are wilted is our . the i. year after israel's operation where defense against militants in the gaza strip. mr binns minutes in yahoo reported that rocket fire from the palestinian enclave has fallen by ninety percent the military operation carried out in november of last year was in response to a barrage of rockets launched by militants for its civilian areas of israel during the crisis in gaza militants fired some fourteen hundred rockets into israeli territory. israeli forces responded to the planets by launching airstrikes targeting militant weapons stockpiles. inside the coastal enclave. so far this year only thirty five rockets being fired toward israel a much smaller number it's me i'm treated to the success of last year's operation. but the threat of militant violence remains the seventh grade ccd of my lads has been the target of several rocket attacks by militants in the llamas sinai peninsula and earlier this autumn the idea and covered vast tun
to feed it to source of entertainment for all young people eat something healthy and fine i don't understand why. i just re started introducing limited to economic reforms in two thousand and ten sites on the government has legalized applying unsettling times and used cars and authorizing a right to permit its independent jokes. some see the new role as a step in the wrong direction. eye. yes attacks and sugary drinks and eight percent tax adjusted between mexico's congress in order to curb rising obesity mexico has now hired the city rates than the us is one of the world's biggest consumers of soda. mexican president is using the latest tax on sugary drinks and junk stage to install a change of culture and encourage mexicans to exercise at least one hour and a tomato in nationwide obesity. you know what either the city deficit got out of sugary drinks will be taxed at the mai initiative with a congressman or a new facts to light the senate's is the norm basic stitch with my calories will save the tax base. this is the place that taxes will people be to reduce the consumption in
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)